Contemporary Jewellery exhibition/seminar in Greece

By following my passion for promoting and inspiring people in regards to making, this summer I organized for the very first time a creative seminar followed by a contemporary jewellery exhibition in my hometown (Larisa) in Greece. 

As someone who started from a local college and managed to escape (as many say the crisis period), by going abroad and study further in the field of jewellery making, I wanted to meet up with fellow creatives and discuss all the wonders and possibilities of the great beyond, as well as the future of a maker that is based in Greece. 

The exhibition was in collaboration with the fellow jeweller, Kyrana Ntikoudi; and took place on a wonderful rooftop that overlooks at the main ancient theater in the city center. Kyrana, is an upcoming jeweller that her work is based on simple lines and mainly on geometrical shapes. 

The events were hosted by the beautiful Linto Organisation. A truly remarkable, creative space that supported our actions to high standards. 

A massive thanks needs to be said at the Eleutheria newspaper for their wonderful support and lovely words in the article they did for these events. Find it here!

Hopefully, the first event of many to come, since as I feel committed to education, and I would love to see more workshops and exhibitions coming together in the nearest future.